Sarah & Kora

Sarah & Kora

It’s Sarah with an “H”
As in hell, horrible and hate,
It’s my name for Gods’ sake
so get it fuckin’ straight!

It’s Kora with a “K”
As in kinky, kill, and Kay,
It is the pride that fills my day
so spell it right, OK?

Years later, when Sarah and Kora came to join hands,
Their spelling identities fell like castles of sand.
Instead they now struggle for real recognition
of a love much deeper that social convention.

– by Sabio Lantz, March 2015


Prompt:  Open Link Night @ D’Verse Poets Pub




Prompt:  Mary, over at D’Verse Poets Pub, challenges us to “to write a ‘beautiful’ poem”.

While We Worry

While We Worry

Whipping wildly while wet wood whimpers,
what wind wouldn’t wonder
why we whine?

Willows weep whimsically
while wasted wanders wobble.

Wise wolves watch
without words
while we worry.

Wild womens’ wombs ,
whispering windy waves.

by Sabio Lantz, March 17, 2015


Prompt: At D’Verse Poets, Kathleen Everett prompts us to “let [the Wind] affect the action in your poem.

Time Reminder

Claudia and BrianTime Reminder

Half-awake all night,
*I only* know this:
(that) time stands still
\so\ you have to be quick.

We put ink to paper
#and# i need no reminder
{that this is} my bridge
to find ourselves /kinder/.

  — by Sabio Lantz, February 2015


Prompt:  Claudia and Brian are the founders and important leaders at d’Verse Poets Pub but will be handing over the bar to a new group of poets.  Before the hand-off, Claudia asks us to “grab one line, either of Bri’s or my poem and write your own poem, based on the line you chose.

But Bri and Claudia have always been rule breakers — resisting any form constraints.  So to honor their rebellious spirits, I have broken the rules of their request and chosen to do the following with their poems.

My Form is: CBCB CBCB.

C = a line from Claudia‘s poem
B = a line from Brian‘s poem
special characters [imitating their styles] are used to surround a few words of my own added to their lines.

Thanx: Thank you again, Claudia and Brian, for all your hard work over the years!


An Ode to Careless Passion

At your slightest touch, my chest dances,
and lightning sparks across my skin.
My mind spins with your slightest glances
and my emotions go into a tailspin.

Your fires flashed up my spine
a symphony of tobacco and booze.
On Betel nut, Bidis and Bhang I dine,
to welcome you in, my lovely muse.

Health cowers submissively at your side
making way for cycles, sex and dares!
You and I laugh at Safety’s cries,
as unrestrained joy abandons such cares.

Though for the moment’s satisfaction, you always deliver,
your fine memory fades as I float down this river.

– by Sabio Lantz, March 2013


  • I wrote this poem two years ago, but brought it out of the “to polish” folder today in response to Björn’s prompt at d’Verse Poets Pub where he asks for a 14-line poem with a Volta — keeping with a Sonnet-like style, my Volta is at the end of the poem.
  • For info on the Tantric picture, see the wiki article on Chhinnamasta.
  • For vocabulary words I learned living in South Asia for two years, see: Betel nut, Bidis and Bhang

Pretending to Forget

Pretending to Forget

Locked up tight in her room alone,
my mother’s heart as cold as stone.
She yells out loud she wants to die
and utters nothing but deep groans.

I was just going to say good-bye
when I heard her sad, heavy cries.
I tried to talk her down again,
pleading through her desperate sighs.

I thought about the last time when
Mom threatened suicide again.
She hadn’t been successful yet
so I got up and left her den.

Hours passed, I returned with sweat.
Would I find my mother dead yet?
But smoking calmly un-upset,
we both pretended to forget.

– by Sabio Lantz, February 2015


Prompt: Gay, over at dVerse Poets Pub, challenges us to write a poem in the style of Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, which is in Rubaiyat stanzas (4) with iambic tetrameter and rhyming like this: AABA-BBCB-CCDC-DDDD.  Gay feels the form “is ideally suited to giving depth and meaning to a subject”.  And so I chose such a subject: an actual event from my life.

Inclement Distractions

Inclement Distractions

Mister Linky said “expiration in 6 hours”
but I was piled in a 6-foot blanket of work.

The waiting room was filled with patients:
many suffering from falls on the ice
as they failed to escape their homes.

“Ah, relax into the snow,” I told myself.
“Enjoy the crystal souls floating into your life
— whispers from the cold sky —
and offer them your warmth.”

“Enjoy your shut-in life, and give back that which
others have shared with you for decades:
patience and love.”

We were all finally able to leave our clinic
and now Mr. Linky tells me there is only one hour left
to reflect on inclement distractions.

by Sabio Lantz, February 2015


Prompt:  Marina Sofia, at D’Verse Poets, tells us that “for today’s poetics I would like to imagine or remember a time when you were snowed in, iced out or in some other perilous winter situation (whatever the season you are currently experiencing).”


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