On what do Muses feed?

On what do Muses feed?

On rapture and nature,
on sadness and sorrow.
On coffee and hours alone.

The cat prowls when hungry,
a beautiful dance for her prey.
Then satisfied, she rests.

The hawk circles her food,
with artful flight and a deadly dive.
Then eats and disappears.

The muses sleep when full.
Beauty is fed by dissatisfaction.

—by Sabio Lantz, Oct 2014

An Atheist’s Shrine

An Atheist’s Shrine

Coins tarnished by fortunes
leaking from their squared holes
are returned to sensuous Tara,
the loving guardian
of the I-Ching’s wisdom.

While a flame, a drum, and a cobra,
rest in Nataraja’s perfect stance.
A frozen moment of a deadly dance.

Jealously balanced by Shakyamuni,
who craves their extremes.
While the tusked elephant boy
ax in hand, and mouse at feet
playfully laughs at his idealism.

— by Sabio Lantz, Oct 2014

On Reflection


The Screech Owl

screetch_owl The Screech Owl

My eyes awoke to a screech owl’s cry
or was it to my late cups of wine?
So I joined her from the porch outside
as a falling star scratched our dark black sky.


Screaming for Change

hawk_circlingScreaming for Change

I watched a hawk circle the chicken pen
as the fiery combed cock watched without alarm.
The hens huddled under a bush
and my talon-naive dog barked reflexively.

The sun was setting
as everyone’s dreams and fears faded
into a routine
screaming for change.


Our Rooster’s Wattle

roosterOur Rooster’s Wattle

We bring our rooster in
on cold winter nights,
after watching his proud red wattle
burn and shrivel from frostbite.

When I carry him back outside
to his women in waiting
this otherwise boisterous bird
rests in my arms without complaining.

Though now his dapper is a bit bland
he still struts with a glorious stand
among his gals in the morning sun
calling them for food and a little fun.

Today’s inspiring poem:Yeah-Yeah the Big Bang by Maria Barnas
Some Roster Info: Smithsonian article

I never knew that Shakespeare’s “The Witches’ Spell” was the source of such witchy expressions. Listen to this reading by Tom O-Bedlam posted on 3 Quarks Daily.

In the comments, a reader says, “LIKE! Except the part about the blasphemer Jew. Thanks.”

To which (pun!) I replied:

Blaspheming Jews should we protect?
Yet Turk and Tart quickly forget?
Does strangled child not from you get,
Equal weight of moral debt?

And only humans should deserve not
to end up in the boiling pot?
What of snake, newt, frog and dog?
Of adder, lizard, owlet and hog?

Tis amazing how reading/hearing poetry turns one’s mind poetic, eh?  Even if only badly poetic!  :-)


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